Asphalt production and concrete batching

Chiaromonte (Potenza)
C.da Isca

Marini MAP 120/160 asphalt production plant – built year 2000
Nominal capacity 120 t/h) Bitumen emulsion production plant

No. 2 Concrete batching plants
No. 5 Cement storage silos for a total of 400 tonnes
No. 10 Aggregate storage bins for a total of 450 m3
Total production 160 m3/h
Projeko Roller system
Recycling of materials and mix water
50 tonne scales
80 tonne scales
Aggregate crushing and grading plant
Sand production plant
Vehicle sheds approx. 600 m2
Garage sheds approx. 250 m2
No. 2 Offices 250 m2

ISO 9001 Chiaromonte

CE conglomerati bituminosi Chiaromonte

FPC Cls Chiaromonte