Mission, strategy and values

The company mission is to provide accurate and competent solutions to customers and create value for all the stakeholders, while guaranteeing quality standards of excellence, environmental sustainability, safety and respect for local requirements.
The values that inspire our strategies and daily decisions are based on quality, reliability and innovation.


The highest quality standards are guaranteed in all phases of the production cycle because the key steps of all phases are internal operations: the design phase, procurement, transformation of raw materials and handover of the finished work.


Bulfaro has always been committed to guaranteeing the greatest possible transparency and reliability of execution, strict respect of contractual terms, good practice, safety measures and social responsibility during all phases of the productive cycle and in relations with partners and customers.


Innovation is the key concept guiding company strategies and investments. It also characterises company methods from project start to finish, in an unending effort to develop integrated management tools and systems that will continue to optimise company processes and produce leading edge results.