Company profile

With almost 40 years of experience on the market, Bulfaro S.p.A. is an important Italian general contractor specialising in major infrastructures for public and private customers, civil and residential building projects, environmental engineering and renewable energy sources.
Incorporated as a joint stock company in 2009, today Bulfaro has over 100 employees and can count on a network of collaborators and partners with time-tested competence and technical know-how who are precious assets for the company as it expands and innovates.

Preparation, competence and reliability, accompanied by strict application of quality standards, have distinguished the Bulfaro way of doing business over the years and have enabled the company to acquire a solid reputation on the market while continuing to grow from the moment of its founding to the present.
The company is a point of reference and key advisor for the public administration and major market players who, over the years, have appreciated the transparency, social responsibility, environmental commitment and readiness of the company to meet the needs for infrastructure, creating value added for local communities.

In compliance with regulatory provisions of the D.lgs 231/2001 and of the guidelines of Confindustria, the Bulfaro S.P.A. has planned the Model of Corporate Organization, Management and Control.