The Bulfaro Antonio company was born as a one-man enterprise and began activity as a subcontractor for public works. The first important job for the company was earth transport on behalf of the Lodigiani company during construction of the Monte Cotugno reservoir for the largest earth dam in Europe. In 1978 the company obtained its first registration on the national roll of builders.

The Bulfaro Antonio company began to grow: having expanded operations to the whole of southern Italy, it built its first aggregate quarry and concrete production plant (the Serrapotamo plant in Castronuovo di Sant’Andrea, province of Potenza).

Bulfaro Antonio, the one-man company, became Bulfaro Costruzioni S.r.l., a limited liability company.

Just one year after the constitution of Bulfaro Costruzioni S.r.l., the company expanded its operations again and opened worksites for the municipality of Courmayeur (province of Aosta) and the Po River Authority, launching a period of growth that transformed it into an important player at the national level.

The company consolidated and reinforced its position on the market for production of concrete and asphalt with the acquisition of Sinnica Strade S.r.l. which had been a market leader for decades.

Bulfaro Costruzioni S.r.l. acquired S.M.I.M.A S.r.l., a concrete batching company that also had its own quarry for extraction and preparation of aggregates, in order to gain control of the whole production cycle. With this operation, Bulfaro Costruzioni S.r.l. became the leading supplier of concrete, asphalt and aggregates in its area of reference.

The company resolved to diversify and extend its strategic activities by acquiring the Midi Hotel, an important hotel with a restaurant and meeting rooms situated just 100 metres from the Salerno- Reggio Calabria motorway junction for Lagonegro. In addition, Bulfaro Costruzioni S.r.l. completed the merger with the Sinnica Strade S.r.l. and S.M.I.M.A. S.r.l. companies.

The growth achieved by acquisitions and mergers, together with the new industrial plan, led to the transformation of Bulfaro Costruzioni S.r.l. into Bulfaro S.p.A. In addition, acquisition of the Sinnica Beton S.r.l. company branch that included the Lagonegro plant contributed to a significant increase in concrete production output.

From a complementary activities undertaken by the CLS Lagonegro (PZ), begins the construction of the plant Lauria (PZ) that a system will include two concrete plants, crushing and screening aggregates and integrates the production of Lagonegro for supplies at the service of the realization of the SA-RC.